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California's wine woes continue to mount. Credit: Copyright iStockPhoto/Avalon_Studio
California Wine Woes Mount: Beware The Cooties

For the second time in two weeks, the California wine industry is under fire. First, it was a class-action lawsuit aimed at inexpensive wines with moderately elevated levels of arsenic. Now, it’s cooties. And they’ve been spotted in the proverbial good stuff. Cooties — formally […]

New growth on an old vine from "The New California Wine." Credit: Courtesy of Ten Speed Press
Early Signs Of A California Wine Revolution

California wine is finally getting interesting, and wine lovers can dare to hope that America’s premier wine region will produce more wines of higher quality. What? Those $200 Napa Valley Cabernets aren’t great wines? Sorry to say, most are not. The good news is a […]

Corie Brown
A Post-Parker Renaissance for California Wine?

When wine critic Robert M. Parker Jr. announced last week that he would no longer personally rate California’s wines for his influential publication “The Wine Advocate,” the wine industry was stunned. The bully who had defined California wine for nearly three decades was taking himself […]

A view of the Getty Center from the top of Moraga’s Bel Air vineyards. Credit: Copyright 2016 Zester Media
Rupert Murdoch’s Fingerprints On Moraga Wines

Standing at the crest of Moraga Estate’s hillside vineyard, you can see Santa Monica Bay and feel the cool Pacific breezes that mark the estate’s wines. Moraga’s fruit ripens slowly, resulting in an elegance that eludes Bordeaux-style wines from Napa Valley and other California regions […]