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Food Inc.’s Robert Kenner Wants to Fix Food

Meat Without Drugs campaign

Meat Without Drugs campaign

Robert Kenner’s Oscar-nominated film “Food, Inc.” electrified audiences when it was released in theaters during the summer of 2009, raising critical questions about the safety and sustainability of the American food system. In the midst of the storm of publicity that followed, Kenner gave Zester Daily one of our first Soapbox pieces and established Zester’s weekly opinion feature as a serious forum for authors and activists willing to tackle important political and environmental issues.

Today, Kenner continues to challenge us to think about what we eat through Fix Food, Fix Foodan ambitious effort to transform the American food system. Supported by progressive companies and nonprofit organizations including Chipotle Mexican Grill, Organic Valley, Environmental Working Group and Climate Counts, Fix Food uses videos and social media to educate and engage Americans about serious threats our food supply.

Robert Kenner, "Food, Inc." filmmaker who has turned his attention to the nonprofit advocacy project Fix Food

Robert Kenner

Fix Food recently released a new video in its Meat Without Drugs campaign produced in partnership with Consumers Union. Narrated by Bill Paxton, the video depicts “how the rampant overuse of antibiotics on factory farms is creating ‘super bugs’ that get into the air, water, and our food, making us vulnerable to once-treatable diseases.” We encourage everyone to check out Kenner’s latest Fix Food campaign and join the effort to end the overuse of drugs on factory farms.

Zester Daily is proud to announce that Robert Kenner is a member of our new advisory board and supports our mission to connect people around the globe through a mutual respect for and love of food.

All of Zester’s advisers are longtime supporters and friends who have increased and strengthen our relevance and reach. With the creation of the advisory board, we recognize and honor these sustaining relationships.

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Corie Brown, the co-founder and general manager of Zester Daily, is an award-winning food writer at work on a book about climate change and wine.

Corie Brown, the co-founder and general manager of Zester Daily, is an award-winning food and wine writer. "Start Your Own Microbrewery, Distillery, or Cidery," a book she wrote with reporting from Zester Daily's network of contributors, was released by Entrepreneur Books in June 2015.

  • katherine leiner 6·26·12

    Robert Kenner is one of the good guys that has helped shape the conversation surrounding ways in which education helps us to choose our food. Food INC. is an important film, to say the least. Please keep us posted as to what Robert Kenner is doing.