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Torres vineyard at Grans Muralles. Credit: Copyright 2017 Sue Style

Most people have heard about the myriad apple varieties that have fallen from favor over the past couple of hundred years, leaving us with -- at most -- five or six sorts to choose from. It's the same story with Vitis vinifera, the family of grapes used for making wine.

A mother's wisdom continues to shape and guide a daughter's well-being. Credit: Copyright 2017 Hiroko Shimbo

Rereading my mother’s fax-letter dated Dec. 18, 2011, made me rethink how I should cook a particular dish I was making at the end of last year. I was preparing numerous Osechi Ryori (New Year’s feast) dishes for our New Year’s open house, during which we received 60-plus guests. I

Ibrahim Soriba Mansaray, a former child soldier, became a farmer and food activist after turning his life around. Copyright: 2017 Carla Capalbo

It's rare that growing vegetables is an antidote to the atrocities of war, but Ibrahim Soriba Mansaray's story is extraordinary. Ibrahim, as he likes to be called, was "9 or 10 years old" when he was kidnapped, like thousands of other children, by the rebel army in his native Sierra

Blood oranges. Credit: Copyright 2017 Sue Style

If you’re looking for a good excuse to visit the island of Sicily during the winter months, here’s one: blood oranges. You’ll find these glorious, gory-juiced fruits piled high in pyramids in the market at Siracusa, where every trader is busy competing for the best display. In the side streets around

A slice of pumpkin marmalade puff pastry and an espresso at Restaurant Cafeteria Sant Salvador, Artá, Mallorca. Credit: Copyright 2017 David A. Latt

Pumpkin pie takes center stage on the Thanksgiving dessert table, but the rest of the year, pumpkin doesn't get much love. Which is a mistake. With a distinctive flavor that accepts spices or sweetness with ease, versatile pumpkin can be used roasted, sautéed as a side dish, added to soups,

The world of food and nutrition advice can feel daunting, but a few simple steps will sort science from anti-science to help you create a health-giving diet. Credit: Dreamstime.com

Are you confused about what to eat when it comes to health? Do you want to lose weight but don't know where to look, or what to believe? Does it seem like nutritionists are always changing their minds? Most people answer "Yes!" to at least one of these questions. If

Teaware displayed in Taiwan tea shop Lin Mao Sen. Credit: Copyright 2017 John Bickel

Brewing loose tea is easy, and it is also one of the most crucial factors in drinking better tea, beyond starting with better loose tea in the first place. It doesn’t take long to make, no longer than brewing a pot of coffee. Let’s get started with the basics. Mix tea

Bottles of Jean-René Germanier Cayas Syrah. Credit: Copyright 2017 Sedrik Nemeth

Swiss Syrah? Who would have thought it? When 15 wine professionals gathered recently for a vertical tasting of the top Syrah cuvée from the cellars of Domaine Jean-René Germanier in the Valais, Switzerland, few of us knew what a treat was in store. Swiss wine is produced in tiny quantities, and