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Adair Seldon is an award-winning freelance copywriter and consultant who has worked with major ad agencies and clients, ranging from the fields of entertainment, travel, food and wine to luxury automotive brands. She has also written for the theatre, and her musical Frida and Diego, not surprisingly, features a steamy seduction song over a mean chicken mole.

In 2009, she parlayed two of her greatest pastimes — overthinking and overeating — into the humorous blog Lentil Breakdown. This led to the investigative work that has made her a fair-food advocate, working on the GMO labeling campaign in California as well as other critical issues.

Adair has been featured in Bon Appétit, Los Angeles Times, Women’s Health, Yahoo’s Shine, the Bing Food and Drink app and more. Whether praising a pea or appraising the planet, this wry culinary inquisitor brings it all to the table.


Line up for the Taylor Swift of produce. Credit: Adair Seldon

The year 2014 not only beckoned all things local, organic and sustainable, it begged for transparency in our food supply. From growing concerns about

Triad of farm-to-table centerpieces. Credit: Adair Seldon

If you ask me, perfection is overrated. I give it an 8.2. You can obsess and compulse until you're just the right shade of

Food TV could look like this. Photo illustration credit: Adair Seldon

I haven't watched the Food Network since kitchen turned coliseum. The old shows served up a relaxing, aspirational escape, but once they got all

Splashing down in an apple-a-day world. Credit: iStockphoto / dmitryphotos

I hope you don't think it's rude, but I'm restoring my gut flora as I type. Ever since I discovered that 90% of my

Why stop at superfoods like blueberries when you can discover new ones? Credit: Nolan Hester

I'm browsing the superfood aisle at Whole Paycheck, wondering if the companies that sell these products just discovered they're super or they're food. They