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Brooke Jackson is a freelance food writer and recipe consultant based in Marin County, California. Her lifelong passion for cooking and food has carried her into kitchens, restaurants and gardens from coast to coast

An avid promoter of organic foods, Jackson has a penchant for experimenting with locally grown and foraged products. She is a columnist for the Pacific Sun newspaper and a regular contributor to the North Bay Bohemian. Included in her work are recipes that she has researched and developed, accompanied by artfully styled photographs. A favorite source of inspiration for Jackson's recipes is the weekly farmers market in Marin County, where she discovers a wealth of resources for her writing, recipes and photographs.

As a recipe consultant, Jackson has worked with acclaimed chefs in editing and developing recipes for their upcoming cookbooks and magazines. Most recently she worked with Food Network chef Cat Cora on "Classics with a Twist" (published 2010), and was the staff recipe tester for Jewish Living Magazine. Jackson has worked closely with award-winning author Marie Simmons for her James Beard nominated book "Things Cooks Love" (published 2008), as well as "Fig Heaven" (published 2004).

She attended New England Culinary Institute, holds a B.A. from the University of New Mexico and is an active member of the San Francisco Professional Food Society.

Hoppin’ John. Credit: Brooke Jackson

The New Year's holiday is a time of closure and new beginnings. Resolutions are a common rite of New Year's Eve, with people making

A bowl of fresh cherries. Credit: Copyright 2015 Brooke Jackson

American life is full of references to cherries, from George Washington chopping down a tree of them (Why did he do that?) to the

Cheeses from Marin French Cheese Co. Credit: Brooke Jackson

Way out on a winding country road in Northern California is a cheese company that has been making European-style cheeses for more than 150

Savory Yogurt Bowl. Credit: Copyright 2016 Brooke Jackson

The recent trend of meals served in bowls continues to show its appeal for so many reasons. Bowls continue to be quite popular on

Citrus fruits can help add flavor to everything from salads to dressings in winter, when many other fresh fruits are not in season. Credit: Copyright 2016 Brooke Jackson

The orange trees outside the window are laden with fruit turning the colors of a sunset and pulling the branches down with their weight.

Gingerbread With Pumpkin Ice Cream and Salted Caramel. Credit: Copyright 2015 Brooke Jackson

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, many of us are thinking of menus, making shopping lists and planning table arrangements. While the meal has

St. George Spirits owner and master distiller Lance Winters and distiller and blender Dave Smith. Credit: Copyright 2015 Ben Krantz

One whiff, and I knew the guys at St. George had done it again -- their new line of vodkas hit all the right

Spinach Salad With Strawberries and Feta. Credit: Copyright 2015 Brooke Jackson

The verdant piles of greens at the market herald the arrival of spring: Bunches of watercress, baskets of baby arugula, heaps of spinach and