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Brooke Jackson is a freelance food writer and recipe consultant based in Marin County, California. Her lifelong passion for cooking and food has carried her into kitchens, restaurants and gardens from coast to coast

An avid promoter of organic foods, Jackson has a penchant for experimenting with locally grown and foraged products. She is a columnist for the Pacific Sun newspaper and a regular contributor to the North Bay Bohemian. Included in her work are recipes that she has researched and developed, accompanied by artfully styled photographs. A favorite source of inspiration for Jackson's recipes is the weekly farmers market in Marin County, where she discovers a wealth of resources for her writing, recipes and photographs.

As a recipe consultant, Jackson has worked with acclaimed chefs in editing and developing recipes for their upcoming cookbooks and magazines. Most recently she worked with Food Network chef Cat Cora on "Classics with a Twist" (published 2010), and was the staff recipe tester for Jewish Living Magazine. Jackson has worked closely with award-winning author Marie Simmons for her James Beard nominated book "Things Cooks Love" (published 2008), as well as "Fig Heaven" (published 2004).

She attended New England Culinary Institute, holds a B.A. from the University of New Mexico and is an active member of the San Francisco Professional Food Society.

Red turkey enchiladas. Credit: Brooke Jackson

It's the morning after Thanksgiving. Bleary-eyed you stumble to the refrigerator to get some milk for your first cup of coffee. You open the

Upside-Down Pear Cornmeal Cake. Credit: Brooke Jackson

The first pears have arrived in markets and, when perfectly ripe, they are delicious when eaten out-of-hand. And yet, as the weeks go by,

Shrubs, or drinking vinegars, are concentrates that can be used to make cocktails and other drinks as well as ad flavor to other dishes. Credit: Brooke Jackson

With the continued interest in fermentation and increased popularity in drinks such as kombucha on the rise, other types of unusual beverages are getting

A peach salad with strawberries, burrata, Thai basil and mint. Credit: Brooke Jackson

With skin as soft as a horse's muzzle, the bins of peaches beg to be caressed. Their heady perfume is as fragrant as a

Cheese at Neal's Yard Dairy. Credit: Brooke Jackson

Back in the late 1970s, the cheese industry was just that: a commodity-style big agriculture business. Over the past 40 years, however, an offshoot

Chef Regina Charboneau's new book about Mississippi River cuisines includes the recipe for her legendary biscuits. Credit: Brooke Jackson

In Julia Reed's foreword for "Mississippi Current," the new book by chef and restaurateur Regina Charboneau, she tells how she visits Charboneau's Southern home

Earl Flewellen's honey butter sauce. Credit: Brooke Jackson

The sweet, amber liquid melted with a bite of chocolate in my mouth, creating a symphony of complementary flavors. Somehow the avocado honey combined

Two cocktails from Marinitas in Marin County, Calif: a margarita made with Mañana Anejo (left) and a Paloma made with the brand's Reposado. Credit: Brooke Jackson

I have been a customer of Javier Toscano's for many years. He brings the juiciest melons, sweetest red onions and most colorful peppers to