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Cesare Zucca is a travel, food and lifestyle writer/photographer who was born and raised in Milan, Italy, and now splits his time between New York and Milan.

Cesare’s career as a photographer and image consultant includes collaborations with remarkable entertainers, such as Madonna, Annie Lennox, Sharon Stone, Vanessa Williams and Elton John.

While cultivating his artistic pursuits, he never abandoned his passionate interest in food and wine, a passion passed on to him by his family. His great-great-grand father was the creator of the Rabarbaro Zucca, rhubarb-based digestive bitter liqueur, which is still one of the most traditional and popular drinks of Italy. His mother, Margherita, was an excellent cook who wrote a weekly column for the national magazine Domenica del Corriere.

While in Italy, Cesare travels extensively searching for the culinary secrets of Europe. He then writes about, and photographs, his discoveries for publications including Italian Vanity Fair and Conde’ Nast Traveller.  He loves to travel off the beaten path and report on his blog,

For Zester Daily readers, Cesare loves to bring something special, interesting and delicious from the beautiful country where he was born.

Buon Appetito!

Chef Antonio Marchello

Today chefs are superstars. Reality TV idols, prima donnas on various food channels, authors of best-selling books, online food gurus, guests of honor of

The original Sacher Torte. Credit: Hotel Sacher

Many luxury hotel restaurants present menus too sophisticated or too international, ignoring the simple, authentic and delicious flavors of local cuisine. As a food

Manarola, on the Italian coast

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A photo of Pellegrino Artusi sits next to savor, a peasant dessert that's featured in his cookbook. Credit: Cesare Zucca.

While in Forlimpopoli, a small Italian town near the Adriatic Sea, I happened upon a cookbook that stirred up all the memories of my

Sweet cassata Siciliana cake. Credit: Cesare Zucca

Menfi, an engaging Sicilian town located southwest of Palermo and northwest of Agrigento, is known for its ceramics, the oil made from Nocellara olives