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Clarissa Hyman is an award-winning food and travel writer (twice winner of the prestigious Glenfiddich award amongst others). A former television producer, she now contributes to a wide range of publications and has written four books: Cucina Siciliana, The Jewish Kitchen, The Spanish Kitchen and Oranges: A Global History. She is based in Manchester, England and is the vice-president of the UK Guild of Food Writers.



Buttery Saffron Beans with chopped parsley. Credit: Copyright 2016 Clarissa Hyman

The great food writer Waverley Root condemned "pulse" as a “picturesque little word” used to describe the diet of ancient hermits -- all gas

Harp Bar in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Credit: Copyright 2016 Clarissa Hyman

The wee city of Belfast, Northern Ireland, as its feisty residents describe their capital city, punches above its size. The Titanic was built here;

A retro melon baller taken out of retirement. Credit: Copyright 2016 Clarissa Hyman

The C word-- that is, clutter -- is this year’s mantra. Or rather the D word -- declutter. When the utensil drawer jams and you


In Provence, Christmastime comes to an official close on Feb. 2. This is not just maddening French bureaucracy but a recognition that Candlemas Day

Fish knives and forks had a specific use that is too much for most contemporary kitchens. Credit: Copyright 2015 Clarissa Hyman

Form and function are the twin peaks of kitchen design. Years of ergonomic trial and error, engineering triumphs and technological advances lie behind the

A woman uses the Bioculture app in the ancient hilltop town of Camerino. Credit: Copyright 2015 Clarissa Hyman

Le Marche is an unspoiled, green and beautiful region in central Italy bordering the Apennines and the Adriatic with which even many Italians are

Typical “zero kilometers” antipasti in Le Marche, as served at the Pietra Maula agritourism restaurant near Castelraimondo. Credit: Copyright 2015 Clarissa Hyman

Le Marche, Italy, nestled between the Apennine mountains and the Adriatic sea, is a hidden treasure of delicious regional food, organic vineyards and medieval villages of which even

Hungarian Cherry Pie, cseresznyès lepèny, served with whipped cream. Credit: Copyright 2015 Clarissa Hyman

You open an old cookbook and out flutters a fragile, stained piece of notepaper. On it there is some spidery handwriting in fading blue