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Dave Hazzan was born and raised in Ottawa, and educated at the University of Victoria and Athabasca University. He has written about Korea and its madness for publications all over the world, especially Groove magazine in Seoul, where he was voted Writer of the Year in 2014. He lives in Ilsan, just north of Seoul, where he pursues his four great loves: books, booze, travel, and his wife, the photographer Jo Turner. In their time together, they've had many culinary adventures, including eating locusts by the side of the road in Laos; scarfing entire squids on a stick in Qingdao; gorging on mango curry in Sri Lanka; eating ritually slaughtered goat in Kathmandu; regretting that streetside falafel in Cairo; and wondering how exactly that is a quesadilla for one in San Diego. As they prepare for their next adventure – a surface-only trip from Bali to the Arctic Circle to Morocco – they are praying accordingly for the continued health of their gastrointestinal tracts. You can follow Dave on Twitter @DaveHazzan or visit his website at

Gemma Wardle is the voice behind the blog "A Fat Girl's Food Guide to Eating in Korea." Credit: Copyright 2016 Dave Hazzan

South Korea is in the middle of a food revolution. Led by expats, returning Korean-Americans and Koreans who have fallen in love with food