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David Latt has been a television writer/producer for 30 years, working on "Hill Street Blues" (won an Emmy), "The Hitchhiker," "Bakersfield P.D.," "Get A Life," "EZ Streets," "Stir Crazy," David Lynch's "Twin Peaks" (nominated for a second Emmy) and many others. He co-wrote half a dozen pilot scripts and headed the writing staff of DotComix a motion-capture animation website. And through the long hours and stress of dealing with production craziness -- bad weather, out of control costs, needy actors, and distressed fellow writers -- he shopped at farmers markets, cooked, and wrote about how important it is to eat well.

At times after a difficult week, he would cook all weekend. Eight, 10 hours each day, he worked at the cutting board and stove, cooking until he got his focus back and filled the dining room table with small plates of California-Mediterranean style dishes for his family and friends to enjoy. Wanting to share his passion about food, he wrote recipes and described the fun of exploring the local farmers markets.

Putting his television experience to good use, he created Secrets of Restaurant Chefs, a YouTube channel, with lively videos by well-known chefs sharing their favorite recipes.

In addition to writing about food for Zester Daily and his own sites, Men Who Like to Cook and Men Who Like to Travel, he has contributed to Mark Bittman's New York Times food blog, Bitten, One for the Table and TravelingMom. His helpful guide to holiday entertaining, "10 Delicious Holiday Recipes," is available on Amazon eCookbooks. He still develops for television but finds time to take his passion for food on the road as a contributor to Peter Greenberg's travel site, New York Daily News and Luxury Travel Magazine.

Moroccan pickled vegetables

No doubt the first pickles were a mistake. Somebody accidentally forgot about some raw vegetables in a pot with an acid and some salt.

Austin Kirzner with BBQ shrimp

Chef Austin Kirzner added a cup of butter to the sauté pan and used his tongs to stir the quickly melting butter together with

Ellen Chenaux, owner-chef, in her kitchen at the Birchwood Inn, Lenox, Mass..

Many people fantasize about opening a bed and breakfast inn. They dream about cooking tasty treats for friendly guests who fill the guest book

Omelet with white cheddar cheese, ham, onions and parsley

In the summer I would much rather grill than cook indoors when our friendly kitchen turns into an overheated cavern. But one dish draws me

Strawberry Shortcake Biscuits With Candied Ginger. Credit: David Latt

Fresh fruit and vegetables reign supreme in summer. If you have a home garden and a green thumb, you are harvesting tomatoes, lettuce, zucchini

Grilled corn and tomato salsa

"Summertime, and the livin' is easy: or so says the "Porgy and Bess" song. But there's no easy living in the heat of summer


The arrival of asparagus signals that summer's bounty is close at hand. But asparagus can seem like an old partner, familiar and not very


Old, reliable recipes keep meals on the table, but sometimes it's good to challenge yourself with a new recipe and break out of the