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Emily Grosvenor grew up in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, on a Pennsylvania German diet rich in meat, potatoes and various incarnations of pickled produce. She studied as a Fulbright scholar in Germany before reporting on German issues for the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Washington, D.C.

Today, Emily is a magazine writer and reporter based in Oregon wine country, where she and her husband are raising two boys to love blueberries, hazelnuts, fava beans and other seasonal harvests of the Yamhill Valley. Her writing for Zester explores the connection between food and place.

A frequent contributor to Sunset, Portland Monthly and Via magazine and the "New Mommy Confessions" page of, Emily is working on her first book, a funny memoir about failed utopian experiments.

Kale is the perfect bed upon which to build a salad, as well as being packed with nutrients. Credit: Thinkstock

Chopped ultrathin in a style called a chiffonade, kale is a perfect bed upon which to build your salad dreams. And since it is

Now run by the second generation of the Sokol Blosser family, the winery of the same name produces exceptional Pinot Noir. Credit: Copyright Andrea Johnson

Fifty years ago this year, David Lett, of Eyrie Vineyards, noticing the Willamette Valley's similarity to France's Burgundy region, planted the first Pinot Noir

Beth Howard is embarking on a round-the-world journey, extending the theme of making and sharing pie with others to make the world a better, happier place. Credit: Kathryn Gamble

In times of tragedy, discord or disruption, there is often no more powerful message between neighbors than a shared casserole, a baked banana bread

Damian Magista tends to a rooftop hive in Portland, Ore. Credit: Copyright Bee Local

There's this moment that occurs when you've been working with bees for a while. Standing there, on top of a hotel in Portland, Oregon,

Perfumer Mandy Aftel now has a line of essential oils for her cooking. Credit: Copyright 2015 Emily Grosvenor

Mandy Aftel was well on her way to becoming America's most highly regarded natural perfumer when she started using essential oils in cooking. She

At the R. Stuart & Co. wine bar in McMinnville, Ore., wine lovers gather to toast the arrival of Bubbly. Credit: Emily Grosvenor

In an era when most wine experts agree how difficult it is to create a truly great sparkling wine in America, McMinnville, Ore.-based Rob

Lemon and crab risotto is made with champagne.

There's nothing sadder than dumping even part of a bottle of Champagne that's lost its fizz the day after New Year's. So don't do

Edibles, such as this package from Mitten Crate in Michigan, make great holiday gifts. Credit: Mitten Crate

You can't go wrong with edible gifts at the holidays. Edibles send strong messages of sharing, goodwill, pride-of-place and uniqueness, while not cluttering up