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Jane McMorland Hunter and Chris Kelly write books on the good things in life: gardening, cookery and craft. Jane lives in London and has a tiny garden, while Chris lives in West Sussex and has the luxury of a larger garden with a vegetable patch and orchard. Their latest book, "For the Love of an Orchard"shows that space need not be a bar to realising your horticultural fantasies.

Jane’s family come from the west coast of Scotland, where she still has a small estate, entitling her to be called the Mistress of Hafton, a title few including her take seriously.  After studying history at Edinburgh University and ceramics at Goldsmith's College, London, Jane went to work in the Cookery and Gardening department at Hatchards Bookshop in London, where she has remained, on and off, for over thirty years. She often writes for the National Trust, a dream come true as it involves visiting wonderful gardens, growing her own fruit and vegetables (in the tiny garden) and testing delicious recipes. Inspired by the book on orchards that she wrote with Chris, she is now writing "Quinces: Growing and Cooking," which will be published by Prospect Books in the autumn. When not writing, Jane has worked at the Chelsea and Hampton Court Palace Flower Shows and edits anthologies of poetry.

Chris comes from a family of gardeners who founded and ran Bees Seeds, a major U.K. seed company. He studied English at York University and holds an MBA from the French Grande École des Affaires a Paris. He has lived and worked in Italy, a country that he loves and understands. He is particularly interested in way in which artisan food production influences and informs Italy’s numerous regional cuisines. In addition to the pleasure of writing on the good things in life, Chris works as a management consultant, specializing in technology start-ups and funding.

Together, he and Jane have written gardening books, including "Teach Yourself Gardening." They work as garden designers, offering advice on planting schemes and are especially interested in researching and working on historic gardens.  Their website is Hafton & Kelly.

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