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Juliana Birnbaum, along with co-author Louis Fox, wrote the book "Sustainable [R]evolution: Permaculture in Ecovillages, Urban Farms and Communities Worldwide," published in February 2014 by North Atlantic Books and distributed by Random House.


Trained as a cultural anthropologist and skilled in four languages, Juliana has lived and worked in the US, Europe, Japan, Nepal, and Brazil. For nearly 20 years she has been a freelance writer focusing on environmental issues and social justice, and an educator, teaching anthropology, English as a Foreign Language, natural history, and yoga. In 2005 she founded Voices in Solidarity, a nonprofit organization that aims to build partnerships with native-led environmental and social projects in the Amazon rainforest.

Bedouin community leader Haled Eloubra, left, discusses permaculture with a student at a course in Israel. Credit: Louis Fox

What is the connection between conventional food systems, erosion and global warming? Climate change accelerates as industrial agriculture, with its heavy plowing and application