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John Bickel is the author of, a blog he has maintained since 2013, and is a regular contributor to the TChing tea education site. Originally from the U.S., John has been living in Bangkok, Thailand, since 2007 and travels throughout Asia.  Married with two children, John currently works in information technology and holds degrees in engineering and philosophy.

Teaware displayed in Taiwan tea shop Lin Mao Sen. Credit: Copyright 2017 John Bickel

Brewing loose tea is easy, and it is also one of the most crucial factors in drinking better tea, beyond starting with better loose

Creating a holiday tea blend with dried fruits and spices is a nice way to add a Christmas touch to your daily routine. Credit: Copyright 2016 Desktop Nexus

Christmas tea blends are a nice way to add some holiday spirit to your daily routine. Christmas tea blends and the similar masala chai


Is there truly a difference between teas sold as loose tea and those prepared as tea bags? The answer is a resounding yes. In