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A longtime food and travel writer, Kathy Hunt’s work has appeared in the Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Baltimore Sun and in such magazines as VegNews and BackHome and at She is the author of the seafood cookbook "Fish Market” (Running Press, 2013), which Weight Watchers dubbed “one of the top ten books to give and receive in 2013.” National Public Radio’s Kitchen Table also shortlisted “Fish Market” for “best gift for the beach cottage.”
Kathy was a contributing writer for the food encyclopedia “Entertaining from Ancient Rome to the Super Bowl” (Greenwood, 2008) and to an upcoming book on craft brewers and distillers. Currently she is writing the nonfiction book "Herring: A Global History" for Reaktion Books.
Along with writing, Kathy works as a cooking instructor, recipe tester, lecturer and photographer.  She can be found at and on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. An alumnus of Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism, she holds two Master of Science degrees. Kathy divides her time between Manhattan and an 1801 farmhouse in suburban Philadelphia.

Pan-seared char. Credit: Kathy Hunt

For fans of seasonal seafood, summer's end is an eagerly anticipated event. This is the time when oysters recover their former glory and plump

Clams on a grill pan. Credit: Kathy Hunt

Midway through summer I start craving a bit more excitement from my grill. Sure, I keep the usual burgers and kebabs on the menu.

Lionfish. Credit: iStockphoto / kiankhoon

As a longtime pescetarian and proponent of healthy eating, I'm delighted when people mention adding seafood to their diet. My heart sinks, though, when

A raspberry trifle. Credit: Kathy Hunt

As a lifelong sweets lover, I think of summertime as the season where I cast aside my beloved rich, wintry desserts for light, fruity

Chocolates for sale at Amedei in Manhattan. Credit: Kathy Hunt

Most of us have experienced this scenario once in our lives: You travel to a new region, sample the local cuisine and fall head

Hot cross buns. Credit: Kathy Hunt

While the days of bakers standing on street corners, shouting out the familiar "hot cross buns; hot cross buns. One a penny, two a

Galangal. Credit: Wikimedia Commons / Piano non troppo

With its gnarled body, fibrous, greenish-pink shoots and coarse, reddish-brown skin, galangal ranks high on my list of peculiar-looking ingredients. Thanks to its sweetly

Zester Daily contributor Kathy Hunt (right) talks with cooking class participants Rachael Sutliff (from left), Erica Cheslock, Lynn Cheslock and Brande Plotnick. Credit: Sean Dippold

On a cold, dark night on an isolated back road, a writer encounters four strangers in the kitchen of an old, drafty farmhouse. Knives