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Laura Kelley, based in the Baltimore area, is a writer, lecturer and experienced Silk Road traveler. She is author of "The Silk Road Gourmet" and writes about cuisines and cultures to share her experiences and passions for food and life with the world. Her work emphasizes the connections between cultures that can be traced to their food items, dishes and methods of preparation. Also a food historian, Kelley has worked extensively on reinterpretations of ancient Mesopotamian and Roman dishes and has formulated hypothetical menus for the first Christmas feast. Some of her work has been featured in Saudi Aramco World and other notable publications. Laura works as a scientist and has made many notable contributions to international public health and biodefense over the years.

Stir-frying is among the ways the Chinese prepare peaches that differ from cooks and bakers in the U.S. Credit: Copyright 2015 Laura Kelley

One of China's many gifts to world cuisine is the peach, and with the season in full swing, now is the time to celebrate

Lamb and rhubarb stew. Credit: Kristin Nicholas

The first rumblings of spring have reached the Central Atlantic. The green tips of daffodils and jonquils are pushing through the still firm soil,

Homemade natto with rice. Credit: Copyright 2015 Laura Kelley

Natto, or fermented soybeans, are everywhere in Japan. There are natto burgers, natto bruschetta made with heaps of natto mixed with melted cheese or

Elephant Christmas tree. Credit: Eti Swinford-Dreamstime

All around the world trees are adorned with lights, candles and lamps are displayed in windows, strings of paper lanterns are cut into intricate

Garlic pickles. Credit: Ilikesoup-Dreamstime

Autumn on the Silk Road means pickles, and one unique kind gives garlic a chance to stand out on its own. One of my favorite

Hannah Glasse’s Butter Chicken. Credit: Laura Kelley

When we think of the diets of our founding fathers and mothers, we imagine porridges, breads, fresh and preserved fruits and vegetables, and gently

Pakistani Mixed Bean Salad. Credit: Sasha Martin

No American picnic is really complete without a bean salad. Black beans, green beans or kidney beans, often blended with garbanzos and onions in

Congee With Pork and 1,000-Year Eggs. Credit Laura Kelley

Dr. Seuss' Sam-I-Am would smile at the sight of these green eggs. Century Eggs, or 1,000-Year Eggs, are classics in their own right, not a