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Michael Krondl is a New York City-based food writer specializing in culinary history and dessert. He is the author of  The Donut: History, Recipes and Lore from Boston To Berlin, as well as Sweet Invention: A History of Dessert, The Taste of Conquest and Around the American Table.  For more information see

The finished dish: Portuguese pumpkin flan with Almonds. Credit: Copyright 2016 Michael Krondl

Enter a Portuguese pastry shop and you might think you’ve walked into a lab where a mad scientist had been imprisoned for years with

Café Savoy's eponymous torte is as tasteful and elegant as the restaurant itself. Credit: Copyright 2016 Michael Krondl

Not long ago, a visit to Prague's lovely cafes meant acrid coffee and stale dessert served with a side of surliness. The long half-life

These carnival doughnuts with boozy cream filling are dusted with confectioners' sugar and ready to eat. Credit: Copyright 2016 Michael Krondl

Two hundred and one years ago today, Europe's glitterati were assembled in Vienna to dance, eat doughnuts and decide the fate of the world,

Main photo: Speculaas With Almond Filling are best when made with freshly ground spices. Credit: Copyright 2015 Michael Krondl

Long before there were Christmas lights, cards, trees or even Santa Claus, and before there were Christmas cookies, richly frosted Yule logs or candy

Serve the gnocchi as a first course in the Italian way or indulge in them with full American gusto. Credit: Copyright 2015 Michael Krondl

Visit any fruit and vegetable market in northern Italy in the first chill of autumn and you may be forgiven for mistaking it for

If indulgence is good, overindulgence is better. Or at least that’s the message at Portland’s Voodoo Doughnuts. Credit: Copyright 2015 Voodoo Doughnuts

Has the kooky doughnut fad finally gone too far? Gone off the deep end? Jumped the shark? I was recently at the taping of a

Hot cross buns can be eaten as soon as they're out of the oven, or toasted and buttered later. Share one with a friend or two: Tradition says that doing so will ensure long-lasting friendship. Credit: Copyright 2015 Michael Krondl

In Victorian London there was no sleeping in on Good Friday. Brothel keepers and late rising gentry alike were awakened by a cry repeated

Fritetelle veneziane, or Venetian fritters, are best served warm with a dusting of confectioner's sugar. Credit: Michael Krondl

When it comes to Carnival, overindulgence is the whole point: too many parties, too much booze and, in just about every Catholic country, great