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Naomi Duguid, traveler, writer, photographer, cook, is the author of the just-published "Burma: Rivers of Flavor." The book celebrates the food cultures of Burma in recipes, stories and photos. She previously co-authored six award-winning books of food and travel, including "Hot Sour Salty Sweet: A Culinary Journey Through South-East Asia"; "Seductions of Rice; Flatbreads and Flavors"; "Mangoes and Curry Leaves"; and "Beyond the Great Wall." Naomi, a contributing editor of Saveur magazine, has a bimonthly column “Global Pantry” in Cooking Light magazine, writes a weekly blog,, and conducts intensive cultural-immersion-through-food sessions in northern Thailand each winter (see

Author Naomi Duguid and her cookbook, "Burma."

People travel for all kinds of reasons, and they bring all kinds of expectations. But what is this thing called travel? I think of