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Nicole Gregory is a writer, editor and gardener living in Southern California with her husband and son. She has been the Home and Garden/Travel editor at the Orange County Register, and has written and edited for numerous publications, including VIV magazine, Family Circle, The Boston Globe, Los Angeles magazine, the Los Angeles Times, and others. Recent features she’s written include stories about a tree house designer, why we need a surgeon general, how a cocoa bean chemical can reverse memory loss, and reasons to take an inn-to-inn hike along the Southern California coast. When she’s not obsessing about her garden, she enjoys travelling, cooking and reading fiction.

Meyer Lemon Pizzelles From Bon Appétempt. Credit: Copyright 2015 Matthew Bookman

Photos of perfect-looking prepared food in glossy magazines used to make Amelia Morris mad -- really mad. So in 2009 she decided to start

Black cod wrapped in a bamboo leaf sits in sweet soy sauce. Credit: Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts

I had just begun eating a meal at Onyx, a restaurant in the Four Seasons Hotel in Westlake Village, California, eagerly catching up with

A holiday cheese board created by the Cheese Store of Beverly Hills. Credit: Cheese Store of Beverly Hills

It might be bad for me, but I love cheese. I've tried to quit many times. In fact, just after deciding to go vegan

Seed swap in Orange County. Credit: Nicole Gregory

When I lived in New York City, I could not keep a single plant alive in my overheated apartment. So imagine my surprise when