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Nicole Litvack is a New York-based food writer, recipe consultant and serious home cook. Born into a family of commercial fishermen, she learned the value of cooking with fresh and local ingredients from an early age. An interest in food took her to Japan, where she mastered the language along with the cuisine. Her favorite things to eat include kaiseki in Kyoto, okonomiyaki in Kansai and ramen in Yokohama.

A graduate of UC Irvine and the New School of Cooking, Nicole worked in some of LA's best restaurants before landing a job with acclaimed cookbook author Anne Willan. Under Anne’s watchful eye, she learned about cookbook production and recipe development, overseeing the release of four titles over a three-year period.

From every corner of New York to the open markets of Guatemala, or across the world to Singaporean hawker centers, her hunger for the next great meal knows no bound. Nicole is delighted to share her adventures, findings and ideas with the world through Zester Daily.

Pickler & Co in Midtown East celebrates the deli bacon, egg and cheese with cage-free eggs, Applegate bacon and cheddar all pressed on a buttered pretzel roll. Credit: Copyright 2016 Nicole Litvack

I had my first of many New York City breakfast sandwiches nine months ago. I had just left my job in Los Angeles and was subletting an apartment in Chelsea. Still

The Biryani cart offers flavor-packed kati rolls. Credit: Copyright 2015 Nicole Litvak

New York City is a prime destination for gastro-tourism. It is home to some of the greatest chefs, restaurants and culinary schools in the