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P.K. Newby, ScD, MPH, MS, is a nutrition scientist, food lover and author with more than 20 years of experience researching diet-related diseases, studying how people make food choices, and teaching students and the public about why what we eat matters. Her passion for nutrition stems from a passionate affair with food developed from creating fabulous dishes in her own kitchen and working in the restaurant industry for 10 years. She appeared on ABC’s "The Taste" as one of America’s “best undiscovered cooks” cooking globally inspired, plant-based cuisine. Today, Dr. Newby spends most of her time writing, speaking, cooking and consulting to help build a healthier, more sustainable world, one delectable bite at a time. She is also an adjunct associate professor of nutrition at Harvard and teaches "From Farm to Fork: Why What We Eat Matters," one of the most popular courses in the Environmental Sciences program, as well as "Food Science & Technology: Implications for Public Health and Nutrition." She recently authored "Superfoods," a National Geographic special edition magazine now on sale in supermarkets and at newsstands, and co-authored "Foods for Health." She is currently working on her next books to inspire people to live their healthiest lives, deliciously. Learn more about Dr. Newby on her website, and read her blog, Cooking & Eating the PK Way.


A butternut squash salad is a nutritious and satisfying alternative to heavy holiday plates. Credit: Copyright 2016 P.K. Newby

To balance indulgent eats with healthier choices during the holiday season, add this big salad for supper featuring roasted vegetables, cranberries and toasted walnuts

A spinach salad with strawberries, avocado and pine nuts is beautiful and delicious. Credit: Copyright 2016 Dreamstime

A large plate bursting with colorful plants and topped with a zingy vinaigrette -- a big salad -- has been part of my regular

The world of food and nutrition advice can feel daunting, but a few simple steps will sort science from anti-science to help you create a health-giving diet. Credit:

Are you confused about what to eat when it comes to health? Do you want to lose weight but don't know where to look,

Poached pears are so elegant that they can be served as a holiday dessert. Credit: Copyright 2016 P.K. Newb

The holidays wouldn't feel complete without towering cookie platters and magnificent pastries, but crimson-hued poached pears boast all of the beauty and drama of

Fresh mushrooms and herbs at Borough Market in London. Credit: Copyright 2016 P.K. Newby

I am a farmers market fiend. The ability to "eat local" is glorious for a gastronome, and late summer abounds with gifts of heirloom tomatoes,

Forget trendy cleanses; eating healthy is the best way to promote health. Credit: Copyright

Still looking for the perfect cleanse to start the year off right? Look no further. Whether you're following the brouhaha surrounding the 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines

Prepare festive fruits for your holiday table, such as wine poached pears with blackberries. Credit: Copyright 2015 P.K. Newby

There are so many people writing "Eat this!" and "Don't eat that!" when it comes to the holiday season, it feels like a bit


The days following a holiday are always a bit of a downer. And all too often it's just a matter of time before the