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Philip Sinsheimer lives in Los Angeles and works as a freelance food, wine and travel writer as well as a personal chef, culinary instructor and food and beverage consultant.

Born and raised in Paris, he is the son of an American father from New York and a French mother of Alsatian background. At age 12, he was already flambéing steak au poivre and devoting most of his free time in the kitchen. At 25, after studying philosophy at the Sorbonne, Sinsheimer moved to Los Angeles to professionally pursue his love of cooking. He first worked at the Ritz Carlton Marina Del Rey restaurant and soon after became a personal chef /caterer.

In 1994, Sinsheimer returned to Paris for doctoral research in the anthropology of eating habits at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales. This led him to write a book on the history of Italian pasta and contribute to the Slow Food movement via multiple articles published in "Slow."

He then wrote for various French magazines and websites, while continuing working as a private chef and catering several events in different regions of France.

After 10 years, Sinsheimer decided to return to Los Angeles where he fulfills his love of cooking and writing in a sunny, multicultural environment.

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