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Ramin Ganeshram is a journalist and professional chef trained at the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City, where she has also worked as a chef instructor. Ganeshram also hold a master's degree in journalism from Columbia University. For eight years she worked as a feature writer/stringer for the New York Times regional sections and another eight years for Newsday as a food columnist and feature writer earning seven Society of Professional Journalist awards for her work and one IACP Bert Greene Award nomination.

She is the author of "Sweet Hands: Island Cooking From Trinidad & Tobago" (Hippocrene NY 2006; 2nd expanded edition 2010) and "The America I Am: Pass It Down Cookbook" (Smiley Books/Hay House 2010) (with credit for author Jeff Henderson) and "Stir It Up" (Scholastic 2010) about a teen who gets the chance to fulfill her dream of competition cooking on the Food Network. "Stir It Up!" is a Scholastic Book Fair featured selection for 2011 and 2012 and to date has sold over a quarter million copies. Ganeshram has served as a ghost-writer/recipe editor on "The Blackberry Farm Cookbook, One Big Table" and others. Ganeshram is an experienced recipe writer, editor and tester.

In addition to contributing to a variety of food publications including Saveur, Shape, Gourmet, Bon Appetit and, Ganeshram has written food/culture/travel articles for Islands (as contributing editor); National Geographic Traveler; Forbes Traveler; Forbes Four Seasons and many others. She is a contributor to the "Encyclopedia of World Foods" (Greenwood Press 2010) and has been a peer reviewer for the Journal of Food, Culture and Society. Her work also appears in the second edition of the IACP-award nomiated "Oxford Encyclopedia of Food & Drink in America."

Ganeshram has appeared as a judge on Food Network’s "Throwdown! with Bobby Flay" and in 2012 on "Top 5" for Travel Channel focusing on best American Islands. Her book "Future Chefs" won an IACP Cookbook of the year award and she is the ghostwriter of the best selling Sweetie Pies Cookbook. Her book Cooking With Coconut will be out from Workman/Storey in December 2016.


Adam’s Morning Bagel With Labneh, Buljol & Scotch Bonnet Pepper. Credit: Copyright 2016 JP Vellotti

It's 5 p.m. on the Caribbean island of Trinidad. Dusk is near, and tourists at the famed Maracas Beach are packing it in for

The interior of Shane Confectionery in Philadelphia decorated for Halloween. Credit: Copyright 2016 courtesy of Shane Confectionery

Salem, Massachusetts, is called "The Witch City" for its macabre role in the 1692 persecution of more than 200 men and women accused of

Chicken surprise can also be turkey surprise when made with Thanksgiving leftovers. Credit: Copyright 2016 courtesy of Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

We imagine the first Thanksgiving, in November 1621, as a groaning table filled with all the foods we love, but that feast and the

The Belgian waffle was introduced in the United States at the 1964/1965 World's Fair in Queens, New York. Credit: Copyright 2015 Thinkstock

Stars of the big American breakfast, waffles hold a dear place in the culinary canon of griddle breads and cakes. Chief among these is

A traditional breakfast at Anguilla Guest House includes coconut dumplings, fried salt cod and fresh avocado. Credit: Copyright Ramin Ganeshram

With winter still holding much of the country in its clutch, our thoughts wander to warmer climes -- sandy beaches with picture-perfect palms swaying

Winter red cider. Credit: Courtesy of Snowdrift Cider

It's that time of year when raising a glass of bubbly is de rigeur. What would holiday-time commercials be without happy people clinking flute

Black cake. Credit: Ramin Ganeshram

It would arrive each year by the first week of December: a brown paper parcel from Tobago, where my father's favorite niece lived. Inside

Sorel, a hibiscus punch, mixes well with a variety of liquors and tropical juices. Credit: Dreamstime

My father’s home of Trinidad & Tobago is filled with astounding diversity -- its ecology, its people and, not least of all, its food.


Sweet Hands Stir It UpPass It Down Cookbook