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Seth Joel has been a professional photographer since he was 21. He grew up in a creative family in Croton-on-Hudson, New York. His father; Yale Joel was a photographer for Life Magazine from 1947-1972. Seth’s first major project was to set up a studio in the Forbidden City in Beijing and photograph the famous Terracotta Army for the Metropolitan Museum Art. He went on to shoot and publish books for Time Inc., Harry N. Abrams, Alfred Knopf, Amphoto and Smithsonian.

Back in his studio in New York City, Seth shoot still life and corporate portraits for a wide variety of clients including Food & Wine of France, AT&T, United Airlines, and Avon.

Since he moved to LA in 1994, Seth has specialized in shooting people in a natural way on location wherever his corporate and advertising clients need him worldwide. Seth is very outgoing and has the ability to put his subject at ease in front of the camera. Recent clients include Bechtel, Fidelity, Entertainment Weekly, Nike, DuPont and Lan Airlines.

He has won awards from Studio Magazine, APA-LA, Photo District News, The Printing Industry of America and International Photography Awards.

In partnership with his wife, Seth also shoots art directed stock for licensing through Getty Images. He lives and rides horses in the San Fernando Valley.

On the Arrow T Ranch near Prescott, Arizona, the eponymous family behind Kelly Beef raises 100% grass-fed cattle. Credit: Copyright 2015 Seth Joel

Just like family members, Kelly Beef cattle are raised with care and love. At the Arrow T Ranch in the Williamson Valley outside Prescott,

Fresh-squeezed lemonade at The Desert Bar in Parker, Arizona. Credit: Copyright Seth Joel 2015

There may be no better example of a destination watering hole than the one on the site of the abandoned Nellie E Mine outside Parker,

Roopam Lunia, director of marketing at the company in Imperfect Produce in San Francisco’s East Bay, shows off an eggplant culled in the packing sheds. Promoters have struggled with descriptors such as “ugly,” “misshapen” or “funny-looking” -- but how about “practically perfect”? Credit: Copyright 2015 Seth Joel

Would you like to reduce agricultural waste, save water, support innovation, lower your grocery bill and eat farm-fresh produce all at the same time?

The accidental oasis that is China Ranch date farm. Credit: Copyright 2015 Seth Joel

China Ranch is a thriving oasis of boutique date palms that began with the whimsical planting of an ornamental garden nearly a century ago.

A proper gin and tonic. Credit: © Seth Joel

It's 1715 and gin is in! Genever, anglicized from the Dutch as "gin," was introduced to the British in 1688 by William the III

Coppa Cafe’s bounty of locally foraged mushrooms includes king boletes, aspen boletes, blewits, slippery jacks, oysters, velvet-footed beeches, corals, lobsters and what might be a relative of the very rare Caesar’s mushroom. Credit: © Seth Joel

A popular guidebook advises "fussy big-city epicureans" to tone down their expectations for dining in Flagstaff, Ariz. Time for a rewrite! Husband and wife

Foragers' feast: Goat leg braised in forest floor and mugwort beer, parsnip chips and wild watercress. Credit: Seth Joel

When I first met Pascal Baudar he was driving a stripped-down red Jeep Wrangler with a bad muffler. Not exactly your typical image of

Meng Yang of China’s Fuijan Chunlun Tea Group presents a traditional tea pour at the 12th annual World Tea Expo. Credit: © Seth Joel

In an annual rite, tea professionals from around the globe gather each year at the World Tea Expo to unveil new products, attend workshops