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Sharon Huntis a confirmed generalist.  Her interests are wide ranging -- although food is her great passion -- and her credits include Reader’s Digest, The Globe and Mail newspaper, ‘Edible’ publications,, Chicago Sun-Times and Gastronomica. She blogs about food, family and memories at Meet Just Down the Hall.

As the statutes editor and supervisor at Quicklaw, Inc., she was responsible for one of the largest legal research projects ever created in Canada. She helped to implement and manage an innovative college peer writing tutor program and has developed manuals and written documentation for the Stratford Chefs School, one of Canada’s renowned culinary institutes.  She has also developed and delivered business communication workshops.

Her essays have been broadcast on Canada's public radio station, CBC, and her short stories published in Canadian and British journals. She is writing a memoir of growing up in the shadow of superb family cooks and rewriting her first crime novel, which was shortlisted for a Debut Dagger award by the Crime Writers Association of the UK.


Queen of Puddings. Credit: Sharon Hunt

Holidays have long inspired traditions, and, for me, nothing inspired them more than Christmas. Many of my family's traditions were passed down from Mom

Oatmeal with caramelized bananas. Credit: Sharon Hunt

People today have at least one unlikely thing in common with the Neolithic bog people of thousands of years ago: oat porridge. It was

Fresh cherries. Credit: Sharon Hunt

My father loved to fish, his East Coast genes commanding that love. Dad loved camping too but only camping where water was nearby. After

"A Change of Appetite" is written by Diana Henry. Credit: Author photo by Chris Terry

I am a cake person. For people who know me, this is as irrefutable a fact as the Earth orbiting the sun. Given that,

Blancmange. Credit: Sharon Hunt

In Geoffrey Chaucer's "Canterbury Tales," written in the 14th century, pilgrims on their way to the shrine of Saint Thomas Becket lightened their journey

Rhubarb pie. Credit: Sharon Hunt

As children, my sister and I spent Saturdays in the spring as knights-errant, challenging each other to duels with rhubarb stalks. We thrust them

Watercress soup with bread and pear slices. Credit: Sharon Hunt

Watercress is one of those greens that goes in and out of popularity with my friends, although I have been devoted to it for

Poor Knights is a variation on Pain Perdu. Credit: Sharon Hunt

I have always had a soft spot for lost things. As a child I brought home lost creatures -- cats that were eventually found