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Sue Style is into food, wine and travel and writes about all three – sometimes separately, often in combination. She comes originally from Yorkshire and has migrated over the years to London, Madrid, Fontainebleau, Mexico City and Basel. She’s now happily ensconced in southern Alsace, France, within spitting distance of that region’s vineyards and conveniently placed for cross-border raids into Switzerland and across the Rhine to Baden/Germany, both of whose wines and food she explores at every opportunity. Lately, she’s discovered Catalunya, where both her children have had the good taste to settle. She's the author of nine books on subjects ranging from Mexican food through the food and wines of Alsace and of Switzerland to creative vegetable cookery. The most recent is "Cheese: Slices of Swiss Culture," devoted to the finest Swiss farmhouse cheeses and the talented people who make them. Her articles appear in Decanter, Financial Times Weekend, How To Spend It, Culture and on her website, She gives sporadic cooking workshops in her Alsace kitchen and leads bespoke vineyard tours in the region.

A tasting of Blandy's Madeira wines. Note the difference in colors, depending on the grape variety used and the age of the wine. Credit: Copyright 2016 Sue Style

"Where are the vineyards?" I wondered aloud on a recent visit to Madeira, the small volcanic island belonging to Portugal, perched out in the

Roasted Spiced Butternut or Hokkaido Squash With Raw Spinach and Goat’s Cheese With Apple Dressing. Credit: Copyright 2015 Sue Style

At Christmas, in our house at least, roasted potatoes have always been obligatory, along with parsnips and even the occasional carrot. More recently I've discovered

A patchwork of Swiss vineyards in the Valais, near Chamoson. Credit: Copyright 2015 Sue Style

Whenever I mention Swiss wine -- which I do at every possible opportunity -- most people get a glazed look in their eyes. Some

The López de Heredia winery in Rioja, Spain. Credit: Copyright 2015 Sue Style

On a late summer’s weekend in Haro, in the heart of Rioja, northern Spain, a remarkable event took place. La Cata del Barrio de

Residual heat from the grill is often enough to cook peppers and eggplants for delicious dips and salads. Credit: Copyright 2015 Sue Style

It's midsummer and the barbecue has reached peak heat. Your butterflied chicken, leg of lamb or rib of grass-fed beef is now perfectly cooked

Galicia on Spain's Atlantic coast is a land of scudding clouds, rocky shores lashed by furious waves and seafood-rich estuaries fringed with vines. Credit: Copyright 2015 Sue Style

Galicia in Spain's northwestern corner is so dramatically different from any other part of the Iberian Peninsula, it can be hard to imagine it

Some of Colomé’s oldest Malbec vines, planted in the mid-19th century and grown on pergolas. Credit: Copyright 2015 Sue Style

Malbec is to Argentina as the Golden Gate Bridge is to San Francisco: impossible to imagine one without the other. Yet this deeply colored,

Guest and resident chefs at the St. Moritz Gourmet Festival 2015. Credit: Andy Mettler

Why did a handful of British chefs invade the 2015 St. Moritz Gourmet Festival? It's a nod to the very British pioneers who more