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Sue Style is into food, wine and travel and writes about all three – sometimes separately, often in combination. She comes originally from Yorkshire and has migrated over the years to London, Madrid, Fontainebleau, Mexico City and Basel. She’s now happily ensconced in southern Alsace, France, within spitting distance of that region’s vineyards and conveniently placed for cross-border raids into Switzerland and across the Rhine to Baden/Germany, both of whose wines and food she explores at every opportunity. Lately, she’s discovered Catalunya, where both her children have had the good taste to settle. She's the author of nine books on subjects ranging from Mexican food through the food and wines of Alsace and of Switzerland to creative vegetable cookery. The most recent is "Cheese: Slices of Swiss Culture," devoted to the finest Swiss farmhouse cheeses and the talented people who make them. Her articles appear in Decanter, Financial Times Weekend, How To Spend It, Culture and on her website, She gives sporadic cooking workshops in her Alsace kitchen and leads bespoke vineyard tours in the region.

A tatin of new potatoes. Credit: Kerrin Rousset

New potatoes are the summer cook's best friend. Firm and waxy with a wonderful sweet flavor and gossamer-thin skins, there's no need to peel

Elderflower semifreddo. Credit: Sue Style

The elder tree has no pretensions to grandeur. It grows wild in hedges and ditches, along the banks of streams, in forgotten corners of

Lovage pesto. Credit: Sue Style

Lovage, a leafy green perennial herb related to celery, catches me by surprise every spring. During winter it goes doggo, leaving little clue to

Forced rhubarb is bright pink in color. Credit: Sue Style

Rhubarb excites mixed emotions. Ambrose Bierce, dyspeptic satirist and author of "The Devil's Dictionary," described it as "the vegetable essence of stomach ache." John

Benoit Bilodeau's line of ciders includes ice cider (third from left). Credit: Sue Style

My heart goes out to anyone living in the northern United States and Canada this winter, as the 2014 North American cold snap refuses

Photo: Pouding alsacien with crème fraîche. Credit: Sue Style

Of all the people who would have exulted -- and permitted themselves a wry smile -- at the recent rehabilitation of butter, Julia Child

A ripe, raw Vacherin Mont d'Or. Credit: Sue Style

Sometimes during the holidays, you experience a pressing need for a little peace and quiet and a very private kind of feast. Vacherin Mont

Aztec Pie ready for the oven. Credit: Sue Style

Leftover turkey from the Thanksgiving feast can be dreadfully dry and dull. Here's a great idea for bringing it back to life: a Mexican layered