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Sue Style is into food, wine and travel and writes about all three – sometimes separately, often in combination. She comes originally from Yorkshire and has migrated over the years to London, Madrid, Fontainebleau, Mexico City and Basel. She’s now happily ensconced in southern Alsace, France, within spitting distance of that region’s vineyards and conveniently placed for cross-border raids into Switzerland and across the Rhine to Baden/Germany, both of whose wines and food she explores at every opportunity. Lately, she’s discovered Catalunya, where both her children have had the good taste to settle. She's the author of nine books on subjects ranging from Mexican food through the food and wines of Alsace and of Switzerland to creative vegetable cookery. The most recent is "Cheese: Slices of Swiss Culture," devoted to the finest Swiss farmhouse cheeses and the talented people who make them. Her articles appear in Decanter, Financial Times Weekend, How To Spend It, Culture and on her website, She gives sporadic cooking workshops in her Alsace kitchen and leads bespoke vineyard tours in the region.

Ceviche. Credit: Sue Style

When summer comes, the temperature soars and if the very thought of cooking makes you break out in a sweat, it's time for ceviche.

Pasta-meister Mauro Musso. Credit: Sue Style

Piedmont means pasta. It's also a signifier for truffles and Barolo, but those will be for another time. And pasta is one of my

A spoonful of Oona caviar. Credit: Tropenhaus Frutigen

Anyone who's ever traveled in the Swiss Alps will know that farming there is nothing new. Wherever you go, you will see doe-eyed, moleskin-brown

Photo: Alpenmilch chocolate bars. Credit: Sue Style

The Salon du Chocolat, founded in Paris by the aptly named Sylvie Douce and François Jeantet, has a mission that few right-minded people would

Jars of Seville Orange Marmalade. Credit: Sue Style

Seville, to most people, suggests Spain's shimmering heat, smoldering flamenco, Moorish architecture, Bizet's "Carmen" and terrific tapas. To most Brits, Seville means oranges. The

An Aga cooker. Credit: Aga Rangemaster

Aga cookers are about as British as it gets. They're right up there with cricket, warm beer, Marmite, pubs, Wimbledon, the weather and driving

Alsatian Baeckeoffe ready for serving. Credit: Sue Style

Alsace, on the eastern edge of France, has plenty of robust, rib-sticking, flavor-packed dishes that are just right for winter days. Uncomplicated to prepare

Basket Of Quince

If you've not yet met a quince, you have a treat in store. These fragrant, downy, golden globes, distant relatives of the apple family,