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Susan Lutz is a photographer, artist and television producer who is currently writing a book about heirloom foods and the American tradition of Sunday dinner.  She is a certified Master Food Preserver through the University of California Cooperative Extension, where she helps community members with canning and food preserving techniques. She has produced over 300 hours of documentary and nonfiction television programming for numerous cable networks including The Food Network, HGTV, A&E and History on topics that range from food chemistry to knitting to Haitian voodoo.    When she isn't blogging about Sunday dinner, she is often making photographs of heirloom foods or teaching the history of photography.  Raised in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley (where her father still cures his own hams), she currently lives near Washington, DC.

The Lutz family garden. Credit: Susan Lutz

Our family loves working in the garden, but it wasn't easy to convince our daughters that planting vegetable seeds was a great family adventure.

Bittercress is brilliant stir-fried. Credit: Susan Lutz

The concept of foraging brings to mind a post-apocalyptic landscape and survivalist rations, so I wasn't expecting to start a foraging walk on the

Chocolate-covered peppermint marshmallow pops cool on parchment paper. Credit: Susan Lutz

Around our house, Valentine's Day is about family and love. And when it comes to dessert my family loves chocolate, peppermint and marshmallows, though

The culinary science lab takes over our kitchen table. Credit: Susan Lutz

My adventures in the world of micro-gardening started innocently enough when I picked up a stray forsythia branch from our neighbor's yard waste bin

The first bite of a homemade pot pie is always the most satisfying. Credit: Susan Lutz

As far as I'm concerned, the best part of holiday meals is the leftovers and the ultimate repurposing of a holiday bird is to

Forrest Pritchard stops to say hello to one of his flock. Credit: Susan Lutz

My family and I recently moved across the country, and I have found myself desperately looking for new sources of locally grown food. The

Tomato corn soup. Credit: Susan Lutz

Fall has arrived, and with the turning leaves comes an ample harvest and a desperate need to make sure I save, preserve and conserve

Homegrown tomatoes make my new house feel like home. Credit: Susan Lutz

I count myself among the millions of tomato fanatics who obsess over the lush red fruit during the summer months. In our Southern California