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Susan Lutz is a photographer, artist and television producer who is currently writing a book about heirloom foods and the American tradition of Sunday dinner.  She is a certified Master Food Preserver through the University of California Cooperative Extension, where she helps community members with canning and food preserving techniques. She has produced over 300 hours of documentary and nonfiction television programming for numerous cable networks including The Food Network, HGTV, A&E and History on topics that range from food chemistry to knitting to Haitian voodoo.    When she isn't blogging about Sunday dinner, she is often making photographs of heirloom foods or teaching the history of photography.  Raised in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley (where her father still cures his own hams), she currently lives near Washington, DC.

Grinding fresh horseradish in my grandmother's meat grinder. Credit: Susan Lutz

Horseradish barely registered on my food radar. My only real use for the stuff came once a year when I added heaping tablespoons of

Loquat butter ready to eat. Credit: Susan Lutz

My transition from urban-dweller to backyard farmer began with a pickle. I'd lived in Los Angeles for 10 years before I began to miss the

Molecular gastronomy in action. Credit: Susan Lutz

I've never really understood the lure of molecular gastronomy. I'll admit that the science behind it is fascinating, but as food it just never


It's spring in Southern California, and our backyard fruit trees have run riot. Golden yellow loquats the size of my child's fist hang heavily

My daughter supervises the first filtering process during our sugarcane experiment. Credit: Susan Lutz

Food and science converged in our house recently with an impromptu sugarcane experiment. The exercise began a few weeks ago when my daughter came

The Feed Store, owned and operated by Joan Tanner, Madison, Virginia. Credit: Susan Lutz

Driving down a country road in Virginia on a winter afternoon, I was definitely not thinking of vintage kitchen tools. Which is odd for

Bread from Los Angeles Bread Bakers. Credit: Susan Lutz

I love chomping into a chunk of crusty, crunchy bread. There is nothing like a freshly baked loaf that is soft and springy in

craft apple cider

It's no secret that cider is booming. It is the fastest-growing sector of alcohol sales in the United States, with a more than 50%