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Sylvia Wong Lewis is founder of Narrative Network, a boutique media company and online destination for women and multicultural engagement. As a personal chef and urban gardener, Sylvia specializes in Caribbean, African American cuisine. She writes about legacy, lifestyle, arts and culture. Her work has appeared on BBC Radio, Boston Globe, Oakland Tribune, and numerous digital platforms. Sylvia published "Cooking Your Way-The MTA Employee Cookbook" that raised funds for 9/11 memorials and featured over 800 recipes from New York's most diverse workforce.  Her special interests include Diaspora communities, migration, slavery, racism, healing and reconciliation. Her award-winning film “From Shanghai to Harlem,” portrays her family's amazing stories. A Smith College graduate, Sylvia is a native New Yorker.


For National Poetry Month, I honor my favorite African-American poets who chose to write about food. Credit: Copyright Sylvia Wong Lewis

April is National Poetry Month. For Zester foodies I bring -- not a recipe -- but a taste of the work of my favorite

Abby Fisher's 1881 cookbook was long known as the first African-American cookbook until Malinda Russell’s book was discovered in 2001. Credit: Copyright Sylvia Wong Lewis

I was born in Harlem, a child of Southern migrants and Caribbean immigrants. I witnessed what the women in my family could do with

Alexander Smalls, the owner and executive chef at Harlem's The Cecil. Credit: Daniel Krieger

Alexander Smalls, the Harlem-based restaurateur known for his African diaspora-inspired menus, is a celebrity chef at the forefront of culture-blended cuisine. His New Year's menu

The Persian holiday of Mehregan features pomegranates. Credit: Jane Feldman

Mehregan, a Persian version of Thanksgiving, is an ancient Iranian holiday that celebrates the fall season and harvest. In New York City, Cafe Nadery

Grandma Margaret's Frybread With Granny Lahoma's Harvest Vce-Corn Soup. Credit: Dawn Karima

In the United States, Thanksgiving is a tradition dating back to the Pilgrims and Native Americans -- but it may surprise some to know

Sweet Potato and Lima Bean Tagine. Reprinted with permission from "Afro-Vegan" by Bryant Terry. Published by Ten Speed Press, a division of Penguin Random House, Inc. Photography (c) 2014 by Paige Green

"Afro-Vegan: Farm-Fresh African, Caribbean and Southern Flavors Remixed" (Ten Speed Press, 2014), the latest cookbook from nationally recognized food activist and eco-chef Bryant Terry,

Port Morris Distillery goes beyond Puerto Rican moonshine.

It may be the Puerto Rican version of moonshine, but pitorro is creating a buzz -- in more ways than one -- in the

At the C-CAP fundraiser, left to right, President Susan Robbins, C-CAP alum chef Brandon Bryan and chef Philippe Bertineau of Benoit, C-CAP founder Richard Grausman. Credit: Sylvia Wong Lewis

"Learning to cook changed my life," said Kelvin Fernandez, a Dominican New Yorker and graduate of Careers through Culinary Arts Program (C-CAP), an organization