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Tami Weiser is a food writer and editor, recipe developer, culinary educator, and caterer. An alumnus of Vassar College and a former attorney, Weiser also studied at the Jewish Theological Seminar of America and taught Hebrew language, Jewish ethnography, and Jewish culinary tradition for many years and is a high honors graduate of the Institute for Culinary Education in New York. She has also worked as a private chef and historical researcher. Her unique background has made her website,, an inspiring and thought-provoking culinary resource for creative kosher and non-kosher cooks alike. Her extensive charitable work includes co-founding the largest free-standing Suzuki music school in the U.S. The effervescent Weiser resides with her husband, son and two daughters, parents, sister and dog, Oreo, in Westport, Connecticut.

Dates and date syrup. Credit: Copyright 2016 Tami Weiser

Many ancient sweeteners are long forgotten, overtaken by the simple, clean taste of granulated sugar. Take for instance, date syrup. Also called date molasses, melasse

Great for a midweek Passover meal for a big family -- this lasagna is a truly satisfying one-pan wonder. Credit: Copyright 2015 TheWeiserKitchen

The differences between Ashkenazic and Sephardic Jewry's foodways are clearest at Passover. Sephardim traditionally ate rice, legumes and other foods verboten to those from

Macaroons are a traditional Passover sweet, but this recipe brings a new dimension by adding homemade chocolate ice cream. The chocolate ice cream base is adapted from "The Perfect Scoop," by David Lebovitz. Credit: Copyright 2016 by Tami Weiser

Passover is a Jewish holiday celebrating freedom. The initial meal (the seder) and the way you eat for a week offer a small part

My 17-year-old daughter created a vegan cookie that is crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. Credit: Copyright 2016 TheWeiserKitchen

I was crowned queen of my family's kitchen before I was 13. I loved to cook and bake, and I always left a mess

Chocolate and raspberries blend deliciously in these cookies. Credit: Copyright 2016 The Weiser Kitchen

Having been married for more than two decades, I realize many factors contribute to the longevity of my marriage. Perhaps the most important is how

Korean-Style Flanken With Asian Slaw and Red Potato Salad can be found in the new cookbook, "The Covenant Kitchen: Food and Wine for the New Jewish Table," by Jeff and Jodie Morgan. Credit: Copyright 2015 Ed Anderson

When holiday time rolls around, thinking of good gifts for foodies can be a challenge. You can send food of course, but serious foodies

This lovely Peruvian- Inspired Pumpkin and Rice Tower, courtesy of Peruvian healthy food writer Morena Escardo, is perfect for a dinner party. Credit: Copyright 2015 Morena Escardo/ TheWeiserKitchen

Everyone is always shocked when I use pumpkin in Latino or Middle Eastern foods. But it's nothing new. Not for Jews and not for

Honey chicken with apple-squash couscous and plenty of savory shallots in a rich gravy is a balanced supper. Serve it with an arugula, beet greens or dandelion green, olive oil and pomegranate vinegar salad, warm pita with hummus and harrisa, and a very dry, very citrus-y white wine. Credit: Copyright 2015 TheWeiserKitchen

Late summer and early fall's sweet and tart bounty are harbingers of cooler temperatures, the start of school, and for me, the Jewish New