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Zester Daily contributor Tina Caputo is a wine, food and lifestyle writer based in Northern California. Her stories have also appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, Wine Review Online, and Sonoma magazine. 

Christopher Kimball. Credit: Courtesy of "America's Test Kitchen"

If the average food magazine were a castaway on the ’60s TV show "Gilligan's Island," it would be Ginger: glamorous, worldly and somewhat unattainable.

Turkey Joints from Nora's Candy Shop in Rome, N.Y. Credit: Tina Caputo

When November rolls around and the scent of cinnamon is in the air, you may look forward to traditional holiday treats like pumpkin pie

A selection of holiday wine. Credit: Tina Caputo

Several years ago, while visiting my family in Michigan for the Christmas holiday, my dad told me about a mysterious collection of wines stashed

Mushroom-pancetta risotto. Credit: Tina Caputo

When I was young and broke, one of the first dishes I learned to cook was risotto. I'd just moved into my own studio

Sebastopol’s Gravenstein apple is facing commercial extinction. Credit: Tina Caputo

There's just something about a crisp, juicy apple at peak season that takes me back in time. When I was a kid in Michigan,

Ketchup flavors are no longer limited to plain tomato. Credit: Tina Caputo

If you open my refrigerator door right now, you'll see four different varieties of mustard: classic yellow, Dijon, whole grain and spicy tarragon flavor.

California Chardonnays. Credit: Tina Caputo

When you think of California Chardonnay, what sort of wine comes to mind? Oaky? Buttery? Those descriptors certainly apply to many of the state's

Elderflowers bloom in the French Alps for only four to six weeks each spring. Credit: Cooper Spirits International

I first tasted St-Germain in 2010, while attending a wine and spirits trade show in London. There, amid hundreds of booths offering samples of