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Wendy Petty is a forager, photographer and wild foods consultant. She believes that wildcrafting foods deepens her connection with the place she loves most, the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Her quest is to experience deeply local cuisine -- the meats, vegetables, fungi, fruits and herbs that breathe the same air and occupy the same land she does, and express the taste of that place. Her blog is Hunger and Thirst: searching for food ... and finding presence.

Dandelion greens with warm bacon vinaigrette. Credit: Wendy Petty

As a forager, I suspect the fact that world-class chefs are gaga for wild foods at once glamorizes them and makes them seem inaccessible

Dandelion miso soup. Credit: Wendy Petty

"So, let me get this straight. You are keeping dandelions as houseplants? Can't you see it's snowing outside?" My buddy aimed her attention toward

Dried foraged foods from the pantry. Clockwise, from the upper left and moving clockwise: porcini mushrooms, cota tea (sometimes called Navajo tea) bundles, sumac, and nettles. Credit: Wendy Petty

As a forager who lives in a place with a definite off-season, I still manage to fill the winter months with wild food-related activities.

Porcini hot chocolate. Credit: Wendy Petty

Porcini hot chocolate might be the most unusual holiday drink recipe you try this season. It is polarizing, to be certain. Most people will

Wild porcini mushroom stuffing for Thanksgiving. Credit: Wendy Petty

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to revisit the year past, particularly for a wild foods enthusiast. This last foraging season was a doozie in

Colorado porcini mushroom. Credit: Wendy Petty

Unusual things start popping up in the quiet forests of the Rocky Mountains following the late-summer monsoon rains. First, all manner of berries, from

A lamb waiting to be slaughtered as part of an animal processing class at Laughing Coyote Project in Boulder, Colo. Credit: Wendy Petty.

There aren't many occasions in life today when the veil is lifted, when everything that is raw and real is on the forefront. It's

Wild and store-bought asparagus, ready for a taste test. Credit: Wendy Petty

Wild asparagus was one of the first wild foods I learned to pick as a kid, and it is probably the one I hold