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Wendy Petty is a forager, photographer and wild foods consultant. She believes that wildcrafting foods deepens her connection with the place she loves most, the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Her quest is to experience deeply local cuisine -- the meats, vegetables, fungi, fruits and herbs that breathe the same air and occupy the same land she does, and express the taste of that place. Her blog is Hunger and Thirst: searching for food ... and finding presence.

As a kid, I'd follow close on my dad's heels when he went to the local fishing hole, where he'd spend the day reeling


Along with the return of robins and whirling bees, I count the appearance of dandelions among the first signs that spring has officially arrived.

Chef Matthew Weingarten and "Preserving Wild Foods."

Foraging is the best way I know to stay immersed in the landscape I love. Equally important, I forage because it stocks my kitchen

Mountain trout with root vegetables and mallow greens. Credit: Wendy Petty

It is said that a wise person rides the tide of the seasons, and takes the changes in stride, admiring the beauty of each

Foraged pine cocktail

The buzz and hustle of the holiday season sometimes make me feel as if I'm standing in the middle of a rushing river. The


The first time I spotted a highbush cranberry bush (Viburnum opulus), I was riding my bike along a ditch in early December. Nestled up

wild porcinis

There is a dirty side to porcini mushroom hunting. There is a side that you forget about when you get that 4 a.m. wakeup

compound butter

Foraging season is in full swing in my area. This means that I am not only spending a lot of time in the field