Kneading Conference West September 12-14

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Took place on September 12, 2013
Mount Vernon, WA

Kneading Conference West

Kneading Event

A farmer, miller, and baker in every village! That’s the idea behind the Kneading Conference West. The annual event brings together professional bakers, home bakers, maltsters, millers, farmers, wheat breeders, food writers, wood-oven builders, and people who come to enjoy “summer camp for bread lovers”. The three days are filled with workshops, panel discussions and demonstrations. In addition to hands-on baking workshops for the home and professional baker, you will find workshops on planting a backyard grain garden, brewing beer, making bagels in a wood fired oven, building a wood-fired oven, comparing flavors in a variety of wheats and other grains, and much more. Saturday culminates in an optional field trip to a local farm, mill, and bakery.