The Culture of Food and Drink

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The demographics of the United States reflect an increasingly global world, and so do the demographics of our farm operators. The U.S. Department of

If you shop in mainstream grocery stores, you have probably only eaten one variety of garlic -- or maybe two, California Early and California

Row after row of tomatoes fairly glowed from the wooden folding tables: pointy tipped Pittman Valley Plums, pale yellow Dr. Carolyns, globe-shaped Nepals and

The way to make a small fortune in wine, they say, is to start with a large one. The phrase comes to mind as

The purple skin of the Kavak fig is so thin that the fruit can be eaten whole, without peeling -- and so fragile that

On a recent visit to Northern California, I wanted to see how art and wine mix in Sonoma County's famed wine country. My sister,