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Like all Americans, I learned to bake using measuring cups and spoons, and have written all of my cookbooks, including baking books, using these

Ask anyone north of the Texas-Oklahoma border about cowboy cooking and you'll get an earful about Dutch-oven biscuits, cast-iron seared ribeyes and soupy, slow-cooked

I was raised in my father's bakery in a small Alsatian village called Marlenheim. My bed was right above the oven (wonderful in winter

To most foreigners, Malaysian food is something of an enigma. Occupying Southeast Asia's southern tip, with Thailand to the north and Singapore to the

If you like the circus act where a crowd of clowns emerges from a tiny car, then you'll love spaghetti squash. It's just plain

One of the pleasures of home cooking is that you're the boss, and you can cook at whatever pace pleases you. Cooking in fall,