The Culture of Food and Drink

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Early February in France means it is time to get your pans ready. The winter days are finally getting a little longer and sunnier

A winter stroll through Athens is a joy. The cool, breezy air is filled with an exquisitely heady perfume from the hundreds of citrus

Of all the people who would have exulted -- and permitted themselves a wry smile -- at the recent rehabilitation of butter, Julia Child

My family's annual Christmas cookie platter always includes classic, buttery shortbread. Growing up, I anticipated the round or flower-shaped shortbread almost always garnished with

In a season filled with rich, heavy foods and cloying sweets, I like to take a page from European cookbooks and bake a few

My mom's mom used to bake a persimmon cake every year for Christmas dinner. On the big day, mouthwatering aromas of spice and fruit