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I've just come back from a tasting tour in the Loire Valley, home to some of the best bargains in the wine world. One

This is the last of my picks for Valentine's Day. In the past five years, rosé Champagne has become the essential seductive bubbly for

Puglia, at the heel of Italy, is a region of contrasts. The deep south produces Primitivo, a gutsy, full-bodied red wine, which is much

It was a sad day in late November 2011 when I came across a very short news item online about the passing of winemaker

No Valentine's Day is complete without a sweet wine that goes perfectly with chocolate. The ripe, velvety-textured 2010 Quady Elysium, with its rose petal

"I'm not sure there is yet a culture for drinking wine in China. But it will come," says renowned wine connoisseur and author Gerald