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One of my recurring New Year's wine resolutions is to drink more wines made from the less well-known grape varieties that offer value, new

Lodi has long been a place for big red wines, a fertile winegrower's paradise 100 miles east of San Francisco that produces lots of

Every year, Takaaki Yamauchi, a seventh-generation sake brewer, organizes the planting and harvesting of Watari Bune, a prized but temperamental sake rice varietal. Yamauchi, who

One of the easiest, oldest and most appropriate dishes to make for New Year's Eve celebrations is one that rarely pops into people's minds.

1. When the bottle comes to the table, it's like the arrival of a very beautiful woman who is a little late, but not

First, let's clear up one thing. Butterscotch is not caramel. Caramel is cooked sugar. It starts clear and bubbly, and if you keep cooking