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Driving home from a summer vacation visiting family in Michigan, I stopped overnight in Buffalo, N.Y., and soon had thoughts of a crisp delicious

Let's raise a glass! More people are drinking more wines from more places and appreciate the joy of the wine journey than ever before.

If you're more than a casual wine drinker, if you follow wine the way bookies follow horses and TMZ follows starlets, then you're familiar

At historic Château de la Rivière, high above the Dordogne river in Fronsac on Bordeaux’s Right Bank, I found this lip-smacking, violet- and berry-scented

The title "Masters of 'Minor Wines'" at the head of Michel Bettane's column in a recent issue of World of Fine Wine summed up

This murderously hot summer has been hard on the wheat-growing region where I grew up. Even the backyard tomatoes died on the vine. But