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Switzerland is quite unlike any other wine producing country that I have ever visited. Quite simply, it has some of the world's highest vineyards,

i During the hot summer months, my go-to drink is an Arnold Palmer (otherwise known as a half-and-half). This half iced tea, half lemonade hybrid

For many there is nothing more satisfying than cracking open a cold beer after a long, hot day. Among a growing number of urban

With summer temperatures and humidity soaring, I've been drinking mostly cool white wines for the past couple of weeks. Sadly, a surprising number have

[aside] In a world of supersize wines, how pleasant to come across a white of delicacy and nuance -- from Japan, of all unexpected spots!

Maybe I had scurvy or malaria, as this year I'd already been managing a near constant craving for the gin and tonic, which combats