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I have long been a devotee of cranberries as much for their history and lore as for their happy association with Thanksgiving, my favorite

I once held a tasting of my jams and marmalades at a gourmet food store in Los Angeles, and a skinny kid wearing a

The end of summer is prime time for preserving fresh food in jars. With fall fruits coming into market and late summer fruits still

Wandering through an open-air farmers market in Texas' Collin County, I recently chanced upon Kathy Neumuller's Jellies, Jams & Butters booth, where she was

Summer in Scandinavia is a season of berries, and they are enjoyed in many different ways, both sweet and savory. The abundance of daylight

Blame it on the cheap, tinny fruit cocktail that my elementary school cafeteria doled out, but until recently, I was a holdout on peaches.