The Culture of Food and Drink

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Rebecca Swanner wipes her hands on her frosting-caked jeans. She lets out her squeaky laugh and arranges her homemade gray cupcakes into a semicircle

We all have a habit of taking something for granted until, all of a sudden, it's gone or it hurts. Have you ever really

Greece's agony is painful to watch. For those who know and love the country, the long fiscal battering, now in its third year, has

Juicing and juice cleanses are all the rage these days. Dr. Mehmet Oz, the cardiac surgeon turned TV personality is a great proponent of

The European Commission has shown customary timidity in abruptly withdrawing a proposal made last week to exert minimal control over the quality of olive

Simplicity is ubiquitous: if you -- like I -- get sucked down the gorgeous wormhole that is Pinterest, you know what I mean. Click