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Congratulations to Clifford A. Wright on the publication of his new cookbook, the fun and fabulous "Hot and Cheesy" (Wiley). In honor of his

Back in 2006, I wrote a Page One profile of Rudy Kurniawan for the Los Angeles Times. The baby-faced 29-year-old from Indonesia was spending

There is a shortage of food news, at least the kind that requires shoe leather, document searches and Freedom of Information Act requests. At

I was prepared to be awed by Christina Kim's exquisite clothing when I arrived at her Dosa showroom in a downtown Los Angeles penthouse

To run an environmentally and socially responsible restaurant focused on serving delicious food AND still make money, you need to….  The 300 chefs and

The Bordelais measure time in centuries and follow their ancestors’ footsteps with pride. And that is a big problem, says Christian Mabille, owner of