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Gostner Schwaige

Traveling to Europe this summer? If your plans include Italy,

Michel Guérard in the kitchen of his cooking school. Credit: Copyright 2015 Carla Capalbo

Before the advent of TV's "MasterChef," master chef Michel Guérard was


What does it take for a well-established farm-to-table chef to make a name for himself in a hotbed of gastronomy like Portland, Ore.? If

It was a sweltering day outside the classroom at The Greenbrier when Julia Child came to visit. She would come each year to teach

"California cuisine?" When my friend Evan Kleiman and Santa Monica's public radio station KCRW dedicated a Sunday afternoon to discussing the topic, I was

Indigenous foods and animals are the backbone of North America and the global food culture. Native Foodways magazine is a new publication that gives

René Redzepi had an idea three years ago: He wanted to create a food symposium inspired by the famous Roskilde Festival, which is North

Marcella Hazan, the great Italian cooking teacher and cookbook author, passed away Sept. 29. That evening, as I prepared a simple tomato sauce for