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I bring two pre-qualifiers to bear upon my consideration of Clifford A. Wright's latest book, "Hot and Cheesy" (Wiley, 2012), a tome* of 250

Vegan cookbooks aren't just for people who follow the meat and dairy-free lifestyle. You are unlikely to find a person who enjoys meat and

Lee Hawley reaches down to help me climb up the steep ladder so I can join him in the cab of his bright green

Celebrity chef-restaurateur Charlie Palmer has earned his fame the old-fashioned way, getting his start as a dishwasher and prep cook at the tender age

"Home-grown Harvest: Delicious Ways to Enjoy Your Seasonal Fruit and Vegetables" is the kind of cookbook that is as thrilling to browse through as

Mitchell Rosenthal has three San Francisco restaurants --Town Hall, Salt House and Anchor and Hope -- and another, Irving Street Kitchen, in Portland, Ore.