The Culture of Food and Drink

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"I may have spent most of my life working as a professional chef, but in my heart of hearts, I am still a passionate

What is food (and drink) but a collection of molecules? And what are taste buds but a cluster of taste receptor cells? And what

On Feb. 2, 1998, Seth Goldman sat down at his kitchen table, and deleted the solitaire program on his laptop. With that click, the

In recent decades, speed has been the name of the game in Shanghai, whether for business, buildings, fashion and food. At the launch of

If you relish Indian food, most likely you know your way around samosas, biryanis, rogan josh, chicken tikka masala and daal makhani. But how

I do not much care for celebrity chefs, their cooking shows or their glossy coffee-table books. John Besh, for those who have never watched