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Many of Chef Charles Draghi's conversations about food end with the phrase, "just the way my uncles in Piedmonte do it." Draghi, the chef owner

For some, Ayrshire Farm in Loudon County, Va., is a model of politically correct agriculture with a mandate of humanely treating livestock and using

In recent best-selling food-policy books, so powerfully repulsive was the description of the way livestock were treated on industrial farms and in processing plants,

As we all know, everyone now lives in the digital world. Emailing, browsing, texting, tweeting, checking in, posting, commenting. This is where we spend

Converted rice section: DELETED. No-stick pots and pans section: ADDED. Amount of lemon juice in Blender Hollandaise: CHANGED. Introduction to sauces: REWRITTEN. Blogger Julie Powell may have cooked

Way back in 1972, while still in my Dadaist art student phase, I joined with fellow workers at the Cheese Board Collective to open